Becoming a Member

We appreciate your interest in becoming a member of the Alliance and we look forward to working together as we address this challenge in a manner that is good for U.S. jobs, the economy, and the global environment.

For more than three decades, the Alliance has worked to incorporate US competitiveness into vital efforts to protect the stratospheric ozone layer. Organized in 1980, the Alliance is the leading voice of manufacturers, businesses and trade associations who make or use fluorinated gases for the global market. The US fluorocarbon using and producing industries contribute more than $205 billion annually in goods and services to the US economy and provide employment to approximately 600,000 individuals with an industry-wide payroll of more than $39 billion. Alliance member companies are leading the development of safe, efficient, next-generation technologies and applications that benefit the US economy and consumers.

In 2014, the Alliance committed to "support policies and take actions in order to reduce HFC emissions 80% by 2050." This remains our position today. Practically speaking, HFC control regimes are, or will be in place in Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia by the end of this year. The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which was adopted in October 2016, has received enough ratifications to enter into force in 2019, thereby effectively extending HFC coverage to all developing country markets. We believe that U.S. ratification of the Kigali amendment is vital if we are to maintain our global technology leadership.

As our members are investing in the development of next generation low global warming potential (GWP) alternative refrigerants and foam blowing agents, and of the equipment that utilizes these products, the implementation of the phasedown schedule specified in the Kigali Amendment will create opportunities for U.S. companies to be successful in both domestic and foreign markets while helping to develop and commercialize these technologies. Doing so will also allow U.S. companies and workers to benefit from these investments.

To join, or recieve more information about the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, please contact or call +1 (703) 243-0344.